Learn Piano Faster Than Traditional Private Lessons
"Ms. Susan is such an amazing teacher! When we moved here we didn't think we could find a teacher as amazing as we had and tried several places here in SA just to keep getting disappointed over and over again until we found Stone Oak Piano Studio. We fell in love immediately with Ms. Susan, her teaching style, and her passion and patience to teach. Her studio is impeccably clean and organized and it was so pleasant and welcoming when we walked in. We immediately felt this was the one. I would recommend this studio to anyone that wants their child to grow in their music journey loving what they do."

The purpose of our accelerated piano lessons in Stone Oak is to address the number one problem that piano students have: the difficulty of home practice!

Many students enrolled in traditional piano lessons dread home practice for one reason: It takes too much work. We simply do not have time to practice with repetition or to drill those though parts in the lesson. There is just too much to do in 3o minutes. This is true of most piano studios and music schools in the U.S.; to solve this problem, many piano teachers are moving towards a lab format, called accelerated piano lessons.

In these classes, students get to spend 60 minutes minutes in a structured environment, learning from a professional piano teacher, each week.

Our piano lessons in the Stone Oak, San Antonio area are offered to Beginners, Intermediate to Pre-College, and Adults!

Stone Oak Piano Lessons FAQ

What ages are taught?

Stone Oak Piano Studio welcomes students age 8 through adult.

How long is each piano class?

60 minutes; once per week.

How much do piano lessons cost?

$165/month. When you sign up for piano lessons at Stone Oak, you do not pay for one lesson at a time. Your payment reserves a one hour long timeslot, one time per week, on our teacher's schedule for the full semester.

Fees such as recital, competition, auditions, theory exams, SAMTA student membership, books and materials are paid separately

Do you offer private lessons?

We do not. Our studio exclusively offers an accelearated piano lab program, which is better than the traditional model of private lessons. There are 3-4 students per class.

What happens if I need to miss a lesson?

We do not offer make up classes, but we are happy to e-mail you with updates and/or the content your child misses when they cannot make it to their piano class reservation.

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